Monday, October 24, 2011

Where it's all happening

An expat friend here in Rome once told that choosing where to live in Italy had been a bit like pushing her nose up to the corner sweetshop window when she was a child, having to make that choice and knowing that however mouth-wateringly delicious the sweets you chose were going to be, you were always going to have to leave something else behind. There are just so many amazingly, stunningly beautiful places in Italy. I think I live in one of them, but I’m biased, of course!!
The choice is probably the same when couples decided to plan their destination weddings here. Just one look at the many websites offering weddings in Italy produces a myriad of images of perfect locations to suit just about everyone’s taste. When I decided to travel down the path of creating a wedding coordination and design business for overseas couples, there were a couple of tough decisions to take. How could I possibly cover all the possibilities? What to showcase and what to leave out, whether to go for the ever-so-popular locations, more likely to attract the crowds, or doing something a little different, more personal and in detail. I decided to follow my instinct. A limited area, less popular than the popular wedding destinations of Tuscany and Umbria, but, in my opinion and in that of so many of my visitors, just as, beautiful and breathtaking.
This area is wonderful, full of gorgeous scenery, history, archaeological site, interesting towns and villages to visit. I still love wandering around the streets of small towns on a Sunday morning, stopping at market stalls, and then onto the café for a cappuccino. So where is it, you ask. Stop being so vague, Nicola! The northern part of Lazio, or Latium as some call it, spreads from Rome to north of Viterbo, another splendid historical town. The whole area is filled with stunning scenery and amazing locations for a memorable holiday, or wedding. You can choose to stay in a castle or in a farmhouse, walk around olive groves or manicured gardens....
I know I’m starting to sound like an advert for the local tourist board, but I actually adore this place! I wouldn’t have stayed here for 21 years (and counting) otherwise, would I? If I were getting married, I know exactly what I’d want. To get married here, in my adopted region, with lots of shabby chic touches to the whole day. What more could a girl want??  Oh yes, Country Weddings Italy as my wedding coordinators!

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