Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fairs and fair promises

Daniela and I left respective husbands, partners and children at home last Sunday and went off to visit a Bridal Fair. It was most interesting noting the new wedding trends for next year - bridal dresses, wedding favours, invitations and stationery, wedding cakes, venues, musicians, photographers – you name it, we saw it!  We also had the opportunity to speak to several people working in the wedding sector who seemed to fit our vision of how we’d like to develop our business and who were located in the area we intend to work in. They all seemed extremely interested in our plans and as a result, the last few days have been filled with telephone calls, appointment books in hand, arranging visits to each of the companies or people that we hope to work together with in the future.
Living in the very area that we operate in is a great advantage. We actually already knew many of the venues that we are planning to showcase and offer on our website. We have enjoyed meals or special events at several of them. We have had direct, personal experience in the past of working with a couple of our new suppliers. 
One thing that we promise to future Country Weddings Italy clients is that we will personally have visited any venue that we propose as part of any wedding, and will have seen, tried and/or used  any services that we suggest.  We believe in the personal touch, which is why we don’t want to offer ready-made packages to our couples and also why we have decided to work within a limited area, where we know we can keep our finger on the button at all times. Each couple will have their own idea about what their big day will be like, and we will live up to their expectations, and maybe surpass them too!  We believe that this is only possible if our work is carried out “hands on”, getting to know suppliers personally, watching them at work and conveying to them what our clients really want. 
I’ll be telling you more about our meetings in the next few days, so watch this space.

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