Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Olives Galore! Olive Green Wedding Inspirations

Talking about organising a wedding in this area got me thinking last night. I know, I should have been sleeping, but I told you a few days ago that my mind is awash with wedding thoughts!
The prime feature in the local countryside here is the olive tree. I used to own 22 of them myself, and experienced the pure pleasure of making my own extra-virgin, cold-pressed olive oil each year, but alas the trees belonged to my previous abode, and were sold along with it three years ago.
Olive oil is an absolute necessity to Italian cooking. It is in just about everything, and I know several people who make cakes with it too, rather than butter or margerine. The colour of freshly pressed olive oil is amazing, a golden-green colour that reflects light perfectly. True eye candy (not to mention the palate!).
My dream wedding would be in the middle of an olive grove, with a picnic to follow, guests accommodated on large cushions and rugs, shaded by the trees, caressed by a lovely later summer breeze.
What better colour to use for my first Italian-style, Country Weddings Italy inspiration board for the blog? Olive green can be combined with white, gold, yellow, brown and various hues of pink,whatever takes your fancy, and would be a fitting tribute to your chosen wedding destination.....the countryside of northern Lazio.

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