Friday, December 16, 2011

Powder Blue Wedding Inspirations

Favour bags by, blue bridesmaid dress by Carla Massara boutique,
necklace by Bilibi, powder blue wedding dress by CentroSposiParadiso

This blog is dedicated to my Country Weddings Italy business partner and dear friend, Daniela. We have been having long discussions about the colour "powder blue" and its relevant gradient of grey as opposed to pale blue. It's been hard work (we even got the Sanderson's paint colour chart out at one point!) but we finally got there. Why all this preoccupation with a colour, you may ask. Because it's the colour we have chosen for our website background (nearly there now) and we have literally driven our website designer crazy asking him to find the exact colour we were looking for!
However, all this talk got me thinking about what an elegant colour powder blue is indeed, and just perfect for incorporating into a wedding theme, winter or summer, country or even for a beach wedding, so here are a few things I found on the web that can give you some inspiration.

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