Monday, November 21, 2011

Wedding Photographer - Reportage Italian Style

Photographs are a fundamental part of any wedding. Once the day is over, the guests have departed, the adrenaline has faded to a faint quickening of the heart every time we think back to those special hours, all of us want to open up our wedding album and relive each and every special detail of THE day by looking at our fantastic photographs. In order to be able to do that, the photographer needs to be somebody who understands the atmosphere, the style and the emotions of the occasion, capturing every special moment without being too intrusive or visible.
 I recently spent a few hours with an excellent photographer, talking with him and viewing his work with the intention of discovering whether he was somebody that Country Weddings Italy would feel comfortable with offering as a wedding photographer for their overseas couples coming to tie the knot in Italy.
A member of Tau Visual, the Italian national professional photographers’ association and the prestigious International Wedding Photojournalists’ Association (WPJA), Fabrizio Vinti is a photographer based in central Italy, but who is willing to travel to other locations too, given the opportunity. Membership in WPJA requires rigorous standards in technical skill, aesthetics and best business practices and the selection procedure is complex . To put it simply, they don’t just let anyone in! True to the WPJA mission, Fabrizio says his intention is to use photography to tell the story of your wedding day, not dictate it for you. His passion for this art form, which began as a child when he found an old Polaroid camera at home and started to use it, transpires from his every word.  Fabrizio gave up a career as a jeweller in the well-established family business to make photography his full time job several years ago and has never looked back since.

Fabrizio is a warm person who immediately makes you feel at ease, something fundamental for a nervous bride and groom on their most important day. He speaks English, which makes communication easier with his subjects, although his technique does not involve the need for long-winded instructions to tell the couple how to pose, as he likes to capture them spontaneously, using a natural, documentary style approach to the wedding day.

Take a look at the photographs and transport yourself to your Italian wedding in Lazio, organised by Country Weddings Italy (of course!), with Fabrizio capturing every detail and emotion of your unique, special day. You can contact us at for any further information you might like to receive.

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